PIXIRAD Imaging Counters s.r.l. offers a variety of services for the customization of advanced X-Ray imaging applications based on chromatic photon counting technology:

  1. technology transfer to partners interested in developing imaging systems based on chromatic photon counting technology for specific applications
  2. custom development of new sensors/hybrids based on PIXIRAD technology
  3. design support for customers/partners interested in the development of advanced X-ray imaging systems based on PIXIRAD technology

An example of point 1. is PIXIRAD-8/STM, an advanced system for Digital Mammography developed by STM Electronics (Verona, Italy) in collaboration with PIXIRAD in the framework of an R&D project supported by Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy).

Digital Mammography is one of the most demanding X-ray Imaging applications characterized by very fine position resolution, high sensitivity and DQE.

An example of point 3. is the development in partnership with ASI (the Italian Space Agency) and G&A Engineering of a microCT system for the measurement of the bone density of astronauts engaged in long term missions on-board the International Space Station in preparation of the human exploration of the solar system planets.