Breaking news!! PIXI-III, the new PIXIRAD ASIC is now available. A new era starts: no more charge sharing effects @62 microns pitch!

PIXIRAD Imaging Counters s.r.l. is an INFN Spin-off company introducing an innovative, high quality X-ray imaging sensor with intrinsic digital characteristics. It is based on Chromatic Photon Counting technology and represents a radical leap forward compared to the standard methods currently on the market.

The PIXIRAD imaging sensors are able to count individually the incident X-ray photons and to separate them in real time according to their energy (two color images per exposure).

  • Global count rate > 200 GHz
  • Energy range 1-100 keV
  • Energy resolution better than 2 keV (FWHM) @20 keV

PIXIRAD delivers extremely clear and highly detailed images for medical, biological, industrial and scientific applications. 1, 2, 4, 8 tile units are available.

Pixirad Products

Download Pixirad Brochure (21 Mb)